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Bayrische Wörterbuch von Rupert Frank . 2014.

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  • Vöring-Foß — Vöring Foß, Wasserfall in Norwegen (Stift Bergen), am nordöstlichen Ende des Hardanger Fjeld, im innersten Winkel des Hardanger Fjord, von dem aus Bjoren u. Leiro Elf gebildeten Flusse erzeugt, 850–900 Fuß hoch …   Pierer's Universal-Lexikon

  • Vöring-Foß — Vöring Foß, ein prachtvoller, 163 m hoher Wasserfall in Hardanger (Norwegen), der vom Flüßchen Bjoreia gebildet wird …   Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon

  • Passive margin — A passive margin is the transition between oceanic and continental crust which is not an active plate margin. It is constructed by sedimentation above an ancient rift, now marked by transitional crust. Continental rifting creates new ocean basins …   Wikipedia

  • Delta de lave — Le delta de lave de Ponta dos Biscoitos, Sant Cruz das Ribeiras, île Pico. Les deltas de lave se forment lorsque des coulées aériennes de lave pénètre des étendues d’eau. La lave se refroidit et se fragmente en rencontrant l’eau et les fragments… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Norwegian Sea — The Vestfjord with the mountains of the Lofoten archipelago seen from Løvøy Island in Steigen. Vågakaillen (942 m) is the taller of the two peaks in the centre of the image …   Wikipedia

  • Rurik — or Riurik ( ru. Рюрик; IPA ru|ˈrʲʉrʲɪk; Old East Norse: Rørik , meaning famous ruler ; c. 830 ndash; c. 879) was a Varangian chieftain who gained control of Ladoga in 862, built the Holmgard settlement near Novgorod, and founded the Rurik Dynasty …   Wikipedia

  • James-Younger Gang — Jesse and Frank James, 1872 The James Younger Gang was a notable 19th century gang of American outlaws that included Jesse James. The gang was centered in the state of Missouri. Membership fluctuated from robbery to robbery, as the outlaws raids… …   Wikipedia

  • Oceanic plateau — An oceanic plateau (also submarine plateau) is a large, relatively flat submarine region that rises well above the level of the ambient seabed.[1] While many oceanic plateaus are composed of continental crust, and often form a step interrupting… …   Wikipedia

  • Rockall Basin — The Rockall Basin is a large (ca. 800 km by 150 km) sedimentary basin that lies to the west of Ireland and the United Kingdom beneath the major deepwater area known as the Rockall Trough. It is named after Rockall a rocky islet lying 301.4 km… …   Wikipedia

  • Europäisches Nordmeer — Die Grenzen des Nordmeers, mit Meerestiefen und Unterseegräben …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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